After Obama

Actually, there won’t be an “after Obama.” In ten glorious months the Obamamessiah will leave office with the country in far worse shape than he found it. But President Obama won’t go the way of previous presidents: back to where they came from to live out their years quietly. Obama is going to stay in Washington, and he is going to play an active role to ensure his programs remain intact. So the next president won’t be faced with just the monumental task of undoing eight years of unfettered liberalism, but he will also have to fight a PR war against the soon-to-be-former president and his sycophants in the media. In other words, the next president is going to have to hit back. That would be Donald Trump. I don’t even know that Ted Cruz is up to that job. Trump is first going to have to defeat the GOP establishment to wrest the nomination, then defeat Hillary and her lapdogs in the mainstream press, and then continually ward off a very vocal former president at every step. Making America great again presents a daunting set of tasks. It’s another reason why The Donald is the only one up to the job.


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