The GOP’s loser mentality

I’m sure Senator Lindsey Graham was speaking for a number of establishment Republicans on Sunday when he made the following remark:

We can lose an election, but I don’t want us to lose our heart and soul. If we nominate Donald Trump, and he carries the banner of the Republican Party, given who he is and what he said about immigrants, about Muslims and young women, we will not just lose the election. We have lost the heart and soul of the conservative movement. That’s what is at stake.

It’s not difficult to read between the lines. He’d rather Hillary Clinton win in November than Donald Trump. There are so many things I’d like to say I honestly don’t know where to start, but I have to start somewhere.

How many elections do you want to lose, Grahamnesty? Republicans have already lost the last two presidential elections, and four of the last six. How about three in a row? Is that enough losing to satisfy you? Keep in mind that every time we lose an election, it means four years of unfettered liberalism. Grahamnesty seems to have no problem with this.

Second, Grahamnesty is not qualified to lament over the heart and soul of the conservative movement. That’s because there is no conservative movement. Republican voters went to the polls in 2010 and again in 2014 and handed the GOP a legislative majority. What have we gotten for it? Nothing. The Democrats have gotten everything they wanted. Everything. All elected Republicans have done is play matador. And Grahamnesty is part of the problem. He may talk like a conservative now, but he governs as a moderate, at best.

I heard a Trump supporter on the Rush Limbaugh Show on Tuesday state it brilliantly. I’d rather have a guy who is 50% conservative and 100% combative than one who is 100% conservative and 0% combative. Donald Trump may not be a Reagan conservative, but he loves the country and he fights like crazy for what he believes in. It is his combativeness that has attracted so many voters, even voters from outside the party. Contrast this with the current group of clowns we keep sending to Congress. It doesn’t matter how conservative they say they are, they don’t fight for anything. All they do is hand the Democrats one victory after another.

Grahamnesty and his fellow establishment Republicans honestly don’t mind losing elections as long as they get to keep their sacred status and positions within the establishment. Even when Democrats win, establishment Republicans make out pretty well. This is why the GOP has taken on a losers mentality. Even when they win at the polls they act like losers because they never fight for anything. They’d rather see the country go down the drain than lose their status. Trump is a threat to all that. They know a Trump election would shake up the establishment and threaten their membership at the GOP country club. Grahamnesty doesn’t any more care about heart and soul or the conservative movement than any other establishment Republican. They won’t fight for conservatism. They won’t even fight for the country. But they will fight for their protected status in the political establishment, and this is why Trump is their enemy.



One thought on “The GOP’s loser mentality

  1. We as republicans or republican leaning non-conservatives can change this lose mentality. Especially we as young people who have socially liberal tendancies, but who can’t stand some of the liberal BS. Want to hear more? Come check out my new blog: The Political Punk Dude


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