Americanism’s enemies

Heretofore I have attributed the left’s coddling of militant Islam to an ignorance of what militant Islam is really about. If they only understood what motivates Islamic militants and what their objective is, they’d be more willing to stand up to it. As it is, the left makes excuses for militant Islam. They won’t call terrorism what it is. They can’t accept that it’s their religious ideology that motivates them, instead writing it off to a lack of jobs, or climate change, or it’s because we in the west are making them mad.

Rush Limbaugh offered commentary on yesterday’s program that challenges this theory about liberalism. Perhaps they really are that ignorant, or perhaps not. You see, the left has been trying to erode America’s distinct culture for some time. That’s what multiculturalism is all about. It’s why we no longer require immigrants to assimilate. They resent our founding, they resent our freedom, they resent our self-reliance, they resent our wealth. And so the left’s biggest enemy isn’t militant Islam, but conservatives who champion traditional Americanism.

This is really an oxymoron, but so much of liberalism is oxymoronic, or just moronic, because Islam stands for so many things that are anathema to liberalism: moral absolutes, religious intolerance, oppression of women. They execute homosexuals. And they love their guns. So why in the world would liberals align themselves so closely to such an ideology? Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You see, the biggest threat to militant Islam are those who stand up to its tyranny. That would be conservatives and Christians who adhere to traditional Americanism. In other words, liberals and terrorists have a common enemy: us.


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