The pretzel-twisting illogic of liberalism

The left accuses conservatives of intolerance, homophobia, and actual hatred of homosexuals because we advocate things like religious liberty laws that would allow private businesses to refuse, for example, catering same-sex weddings that violate their consciences. It’s how leftists endeavor to foist their beliefs on the rest of us. At the same time, the left coddles militant Islamists and says we can’t criticize the Islamic faith because doing so supposedly contradicts American values (like they have any clue what American values actually are). And Islam is, of course, the Religion of Peace. So now we get word that the Saudi government wants to start executing homosexuals who display their sexuality publicly or online. But when was the last time you heard a liberal publicly accuse Islam of homophobia or intolerance? Exactly. Try figuring out that twisted “logic.” 


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