Poor Rush

Rush Limbaugh does not endorse presidential candidates during primaries, and for good reason. The moment you endorse someone you find yourself having to defend that candidate, even when you may not want to, and also he would risk dividing and alienating a portion of his audience. So he doesn’t endorse, and he hasn’t endorsed anyone this year.

Nonetheless, Rush has lately been taking an incredible amount of heat from callers for the way he has been handling the GOP race between Trump & Cruz. It’s not uncommon for him to put a Trump supporter on the air taking him to task for supporting Ted Cruz, and then the very next caller be a Cruz supporter taking him to task for giving so much coverage to Donald Trump.

Rush has gone a long way toward explaining the Trump phenomenon for the benefit of those who cannot wrap their minds around the reasons why we “Trumpists” can support The Donald when there is a perfectly legitimate, anti-establishment conservative in Ted Cruz. But then Rush has also spent a great deal of time in support of Ted Cruz’s conservative credentials, and has even chastised The Donald when he has sounded like a Democrat in criticizing Cruz.

So I guess Rush is darned if he does and darned if he doesn’t, but this is the unenviable place in which the Maha Rushie finds himself in the spring of 2016.


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