Pro-life Trump?

Donald Trump says he is pro-life. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It is somewhat important to me, but keep in mind that, pragmatically, presidents have no direct influence over abortion policy. In other words, Trump cannot overturn Roe v. Wade. He can nominate Supreme Court justices who could do it, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ve elected three pro-life GOP presidents since Roe v. Wade who have put a combined seven justices on the Supreme Court (with mixed results), and Roe v. Wade still stands after 43 years. About the only thing a president can do is defund Planned Parenthood, which I am completely in favor of doing, but even a GOP-controlled Congress hasn’t been willing to do that yet.

Last week The Donald found himself in a bit of hot water for saying women should be punished for having an abortion. I’ve listened to the audio clips. It occurred during an interview with Chris Matthews. I have no idea why a Republican would ever give Chris Matthews the time of day, but Trump did, and he was ill-prepared for the belligerent line of questioning regarding abortion that he was subjected to. I don’t think this is an issue Trump has thought about a great deal, because he more or less allowed Matthews to lead him into the trap of saying women who have abortions should be punished.

Abortion-rights activists like Chris Matthews and those of us who are pro-life look at abortion completely different. Matthews equates outlawing abortion as throwing women in prison. Pro-lifers equate it with saving unborn human lives. As a pro-lifer myself, I have never once thought we should prosecute women who have abortions. It’s not what we’re about. Nor do I advocate shooting abortion doctors or bombing abortion clinics. It sort of defeats the purpose of being pro-life.

Roe v. Wade isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re stuck with legalized abortion-on-demand. But even overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t automatically outlaw abortion. It would simply return to the states the authority to make their own abortion laws. Some states would keep it perfectly legal, some would keep it legal with various restrictions, and some would outlaw it altogether. So even debating a Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist over punishing women who have abortions is a non-starter. The pro-life movement doesn’t seek negative consequences. We’re all about changing hearts and minds, because the only way we are going to reduce abortions is to reduce demand, and the way to reduce demand is to present unborn human life for what it is: unborn human life.


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