We, the oversold

Mark Manson has an article I came across a couple of days ago where he gives a brief evolution of today’s marketing strategies and how we can recognize when we’re being marketed to and how to avoid falling into the money trap of doing what marketers want us to do.

He writes:

In our culture today, marketing often is the message. The vast majority of information that we’re exposed to is some form of marketing. And so if the marketing is always trying to make you feel like [crap] to get you to buy something, then we’re essentially existing in a culture designed to make us feel like [crap] and we’ll always want to overcompensate in some way.

He continues with this bit of advice:

The only real long-term solution is for people to develop enough self-awareness to understand when mass media is prodding at their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and to make conscious decisions in the face of those fears. The success of our free markets has burdened us with the responsibility of exercising our freedom to choose. And that responsibility is far heavier than we often realize.



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