Servant leadership as described in Philippians 2, Part II 

Last week, we covered ten elements of leadership as described in Philippians 2 (link). Today, we’ll grow the list to 26.

Christ had a glorious reputation, but He set it aside and became a servant. He came to serve the least of these. And so the heart of a servant…

11) doesn’t need the praise of others to do the job correctly.
12) loves people how they are, not for how they should be.
13) respects the time of others.
14) doesn’t say one thing and do another.
15) goes the extra mile, maybe two.
16) lives with the rewards of eternity in mind.
17) understands how important it is to deeply invest in the lives of others.
18) has a special place for the misplaced and hurting of society.
19) feels the need to show emotion.
20) sees the potential in others and has a great desire to draw it out.
21) rarely complains regardless of the situation.
22) sees criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow.
23) has kind things to say about mean-spirited people.
24) influences people by their mere existence.
25) lives by “honesty is the only policy.”
26) lives solely for Christ and doesn’t suffer from the disease to please.


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