The vanity of climate change hucksters

The White House has released a — let’s call it a long-term weather forecast — that predicts increased temperatures in 2030 will cause an additional 11,000 heat-related fatalities, and by 2100 that number will increase to 27,000.

This is a hoax. There’s no one short of God who can know anything about the weather 14 years from now, let alone 84 years from now. There is no empirical evidence supporting manmade climate change. The only “evidence” are climate models, and atmospheric modeling even in 2016 cannot reliably predict the weather beyond maybe 7 days, and sometimes 7 days is asking too much.

Remember, climate change is nothing more than a fraud, a hoax perpetrated by leftists to scare the masses into supporting more liberalism. It’s about advancing a leftist political agenda and nothing more. It’s not even rooted in science, because the data have been skewed by agenda-driven leftists masquerading as climatologists.

Fewer and fewer people are buying into the climate change hoax because the hucksters have been warning of cataclysms for fully three decades now and not a single prediction has ever come to fruition. So leftists who have so much invested and so much at stake in the climate change hoax are becoming increasingly desperate as their ideological and moral bankruptcy becomes increasingly evident.

In fact, the hucksters are so desperate that a group of 16 Democrat attorneys general have banded together and are threatening legal action and large fines against companies who deny the climate change hoax in what appears to be nothing short of the beginning of a 21st century inquisition. (Remember, what I’ve said for years. The climate change hoax contains all the elements of a religion, and we can now add an inquisition to the roster.)

When pressed on the effect such investigations and prosecutions will have on free speech, General Schneiderman claimed that climate change dissenters are committing “fraud” and are not protected by the First Amendment.

This comes on top of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitting that the Justice Department is discussing the possibility of pursing civil actions against climate change deniers, and that she has already “referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which” federal law enforcement could take action.

This is real-life authoritarianism on display. You can get mad and scream in frustration at these people, but this is who liberals are. If they are guilty of anything, it’s projection. They are perpetrators of a monolithic fraud, and so they accuse those who disagree with them as perpetrators of fraud. This is why Democrats must be defeated in November. If you are one of these Republicans who says they will vote for Hillary if Trump gets the nomination, please know who it is you will be voting for. You may not like Donald Trump, but a vote for a Democrat is a vote against free speech, individual liberty and autonomy, and a vote for authoritarianism, fraud, and government-perpetrated hoaxes like manmade climate change.


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