He’s the boss!

Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen canceled an April 10 concert in Greensboro, NC because of a law. No, the law doesn’t ban rock-and-roll or anything. It’s called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act and is being called discriminatory against gay BLT’s. So the Boss is “getting back” at the Tar Heel State by canceling a concert. (Actually, keeping the April 10 gig might have been worse retribution against North Carolina, depending on your perspective.)

How I long for the day when rock-and-roll was apolitical. It used to just be about the music.

But this is typical of leftists. They don’t get their way in the arena of ideas, and so they pout, pick up their toys, and refuse to play. If I were a concert ticket-holder, I’d be fuming mad. I’m sure they’ll get a refund, but the only people Springsteen is boycotting are his own fans. I’m sure the state government doesn’t care one whit whether Bruce and his band play or not. As a non-fan, I wouldn’t care less if he pulled the same thing in Tennessee. But if I were a fan and had paid money and made plans for this concert, only for him to cancel 48 hours before the show, I’d be blaming no one other than Bruce Springsteen. When you schedule a show and take people’s money, you are obligating yourself to perform that show. But Bruce is a liberal, and liberals tend to become whiny adolescents when they don’t get their way, so I guess Springsteen’s response is consistent with what we expect from leftists.


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