More thoughts on the coming climate change inquisition

Yesterday, I posted something on the revelation that a group of Democrat attorneys general are considering prosecuting companies that speak out against the climate change hoax. I have accumulated a few more thoughts on this topic.

First, what does it say about an ideology that must resort to totalitarianism to silence its critics? It says that ideology cannot possibly be grounded in truth. Just as the church prosecuted Galileo for the crime of being a flat earth denier, liberalism is so bereft of genuine ideas that it must prosecute those who correctly identify manmade climate change as a hoax.

You see, liberalism cannot compete in the arena of ideas. That’s why it has to resort to heavy-handedness to propagate its bankrupt ideology. If manmade climate change were a legitimate scientific theory, it would be able to stand on its own. As it is, we are witnessing the crumbling of the climate change hoax under the weight of its own fraud.

Reality has failed to validate this theory. There is no empirical data supporting it, and every doomsday prediction made by climate change hucksters has failed laughably. So statists are going to do what statists do. Rather than admit to the obvious fallacy of blaming climate change on human activity, they must instead rely on coercion. Manmade climate change is simply a vehicle for advancing liberalism and has nothing to do with actual science.


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