We all discriminate


Ever since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 57 states and the District of Columbia several months ago, there has been some pushback by a handful of state governments to enact privacy and religious liberty laws. This has prompted cries of “Discrimination!” from the left.

Bruce Springsteen even canceled a concert in North Carolina over a law they recently passed. (Honestly, if that’s all it takes to shut Springsteen down, let us all pass similar laws.)

I have nothing personal against gay BLT’s. I really don’t. But it wasn’t that long ago that it was accepted as common sense that men go to the men’s room and women go to the women’s room. That was until liberals muddied the water. Now it’s considered discriminatory against the transgendered or the “gender-confused” to make such a suggestion. Seriously, people.

If you are in the wedding business, the left is really after you. If you are a wedding photographer or baker or caterer and you don’t want to do business with same-sex couples, you are considered a bigot and deserve to be shut down. Yes, if you are in business for yourself, a private citizen minding your own business and not bothering anybody, and a same-sex couple wants you to do their wedding, leftists don’t think you should have the right to refuse that business. I say you should have that right. If you are a same-sex couple, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding individuals and businesses who will gladly take your money for their services. But sometimes that isn’t enough for liberals. They’ll go after the one who refuses just to make an example.

“But Lefty, what if a gay wedding photographer wants to do business only with same-sex couples? Should he have the right to turn away heterosexual couples?” Yes, he should have that right.

I don’t view religious liberty laws as legalizing discrimination so much as they are an acknowledgement that all persons discriminate, and sometimes it’s justifiable because of our values. (When was the last time you heard a liberal criticize Muslim nations that execute homosexuals?)

“But I don’t discriminate!” you say. Sure you do. We all do. You might be the most open-minded, non-judgmental person on the planet, but you discriminate. Leftists pride themselves on being completely wide-open and non-discriminatory, but they are often the most discriminatory of all.

For example, let a permit-holding gun owner try open-carrying a firearm into a “gun-free” zone.

Try saying a prayer to the Christian God at a high school graduation. “But that violates separation of church and state!” Okay, then why don’t we teach the Koran? “Well, that’s okay. It’s multiculturalism.”

Here’s one for you. Try making a case against manmade climate change in a state with a Democrat attorney general.

What if a group of men want to hold a meet-and-greet and it gets misrepresented by the press and subsequently shut down because of threats of violence? Isn’t that discrimination against men? What about men’s rights?

What if you want to talk about your ideas in a campus “safe space” with a group of thin-skinned liberal millennials who are completely incapable of listening to speech contrary to their beliefs without feeling threatened?

I could go on. But these are arenas in which liberals discriminate against those with different ideologies.

In some cases, discrimination is actually smart and a matter of common sense. For example, the TSA goes through the charade of searching old women and little kids at airports when experience tells us there is really only one type of people we should be looking for. But that’s “racial profiling” so we have to make random searches, even of airline passengers who pose no threat to safety whatsoever.

And then there is the matter of reverse discrimination, which is also discrimination. I’ve heard it called “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” where minorities are given preferential treatment because of wrongs that were committed primarily against their ancestors by people who are no longer alive.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, what about demands for reparations? You know, the transfer of wealth primarily from white to black. It’s sort of like extortion, with whites who never owned slaves making retribution to those who never were slaves. The actual players in American slavery are long since dead. Genuine reparations are impossible, and any attempt at reparations now would be meaningless. It’s just a discriminatory demand used to justify another liberal transfer of wealth program.

My point in all this is that we all discriminate. Not all of it is bad. But it’s in all of us. It’s part of human nature. Even a liberal do-gooder like Bruce Springsteen discriminates. Just ask his paying concert fans in North Carolina.


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