Glory days will pass you by

Aging rocker Bryan Adams has joined Bruce Springsteen in canceling a concert over what is perceived as anti-gay legislation. In Adams’ case, he has nixed a concert in Biloxi over Mississippi’s recent religious liberty law.

I suppose it’s possible other artists may join the boycott, but at the moment the two aging rockers are the only ones to cancel shows in support of gay BLT’s. I have a theory that Springsteen and Adams have made a public show of their gay support only in order to appear hip and relevant. Their glory days in the music world have obviously passed them by. So far, no musical acts who are actually relevant in 2016 have canceled any gigs.

What makes Adams’ public stance so hypocritical is that he recently played a show in Egypt. Egypt, of course, is a Muslim nation, and no one takes a harder stance against gay BLT’s than Muslims. Also, six years ago, Bryan Adams played several shows in the Middle East, so he obviously has no problem when genuine anti-gay discrimination is perpetrated by non-Americans.

Typical liberals.


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