Wrapping up 1 John 3

Today we spent time covering the final three verses of 1 John 3 (22-24). Picking up from last Sunday, we know that our hearts will condemn us, but our walk with Christ is not about feelings. Our faith gives us confidence in God. Even John’s heart was sometimes overwhelmed. Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

1. The two words that should dominate our lives are “please Him.” We should want marriages that are pleasing to God. We should want to be parents who are pleasing to God. We are created with one purpose: to bring honor and glory to God. Each of us has at least one area in our life in which we should seek to better please and bring honor to God.

2. Salvation already leads to spiritual growth & development. Christ saved us not just so we could go to heaven, but to make us more like Christ. We are all on different parts of the journey. We aren’t in competition with one another, just trying to become more Christlike. We in the church are consumed with knowing about God, but many don’t actually know God. When we are saved it begins a journey. We don’t compare ourselves to fellow sinners but to Christ. God lives in our body in the person of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit gives us spiritual fruit we would otherwise not have.

3. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the greatest evidence of our walk with Christ. The Spirit of God brings us comfort, conviction, connection, completion, capability. The Bible is not a self-help book but is designed to change us from the inside out.


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