Crazy talk from Crazy Bernie

Every once in a while I hear an audio clip of Bernie Sanders ripping into Wall Street. Bernie is like bad medicine. I can only take him in small quantities. When I do hear Crazy Bernie or read headlines dedicated to Crazy Bernie, he is usually ripping Wall Street. (Have you ever noticed that liberals are ALWAYS talking about other people’s money? They accuse everyone else of being greedy, but no one talks about money more than liberals.)

I guess Crazy Bernie is miffed that wealth on Wall Street is concentrated in the hands of a few. At least that’s the perception he portrays. I bet if you ask the average Democrat voter he would be unable to articulate why Wall Street is their boogeyman. Maybe they know enough that there’s lots of money on Wall Street, so they must be greedy and they’re probably stealing from the poor, so let’s vote for Bernie because he’ll bust them up. It never occurs to anyone that busting up Wall Street won’t make anyone’s life better. Plus, I don’t accept the premise that Wall Street is anything evil. In fact, I love Wall Street and wish the investor class a great deal of success.

You see, my retirement money, and the retirement money of a lot of other Americans, is invested in Wall Street. So if you’re a Democrat voter wanting to topple Wall Street, know that whatever diabolical wishes you might have for greedy Wall Street investors, whatever affects Wall Street is going to affect a lot of Americans, not just a few nameless, faceless investors.

This may sound stereotypical, and maybe it is a little bit, but I envision the typical Crazy Bernie supporter as one of these fast food workers clamoring for a $15 minimum wage. There is a complete lack of knowledge of how an economy works. There is a great deal of ignorance of how businesses work, how investments work. They are simply invested in this class warfare scheme created by liberal Democrats, where rank and file voters are taught that people who earn more and save more are somehow the enemy and we need government to knock them down to size.

So here’s to Wall Street. May the investors continue growing wealthy. May the stock market continue to grow and businesses flourish and become more numerous. When these things happen, my portfolio, and the portfolios of million of Americans, will become more valuable. When this happens, it will mean more for our retirement. This will make us less reliant on Social Security in the future (i.e., less dependent on government).

This is one more reason why we must defeat Democrats at all costs.


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