Bathroom politics

The left has done it again. In a few short weeks it has succeeded in politicizing public restrooms. Given that liberals have politicized pretty much everything else in life (weather & climate, the institution of marriage, school lunches, healthcare, guns and sports just to name a few examples), why shouldn’t going to the bathroom also be a political endeavor?

In 2016, I am considered a bigot for suggesting that men should go to the men’s room and ladies should go to the ladies’ room. It used to be that you could state such matters of common sense without fear of reprisal, but, again, this is 2016, so common sense, facts, and logic are often met with a measure of nastiness that is quite astonishing. You can’t debate liberals using common sense, facts, and logic because they don’t operate on that sort of playing field. In fact, you can’t debate them at all without being called names. You just have to defeat them and hope there are enough Americans left with the logical portion of their brains functioning to win a majority. Otherwise, we’re screwed.

At any rate, contrary to what you may have heard, those of us who suggest a person visit the restroom that is consistent with his/her physical anatomy are being labeled homophobes (a misnomer, as I’m not actually afraid of homosexuals), and efforts to pass actual laws along those lines are said to be anti-gay BLT. The problem is, we aren’t discriminating against gay BLT’s, per se. We’re actually discriminating against heterosexual male perverts.

You see, the number of transgendered persons, along with the “gender confused,” make up a tiny fragment of the population. So we’re expending a great deal of energy pandering to something like 0.03% of the population. (And you are welcome to check that figure. I could be wrong. But I know the number is tiny.) I would be willing to wager that more heterosexual male perverts will find their way into the ladies’ room than transgenders. Maybe you think I’m overreacting. I don’t think so. I’m not an aging rocker canceling concerts or calling for boycotts.

So in the name of gay BLT rights, we are placing our females at increased risk by opening up the ladies’ room to men who say they feel like a woman at the moment. (Our society really has lost its mind.) Remember, we live in a rape culture, especially on college campuses (so they tell us). Yet the same ones who complain about the epidemic of violence against women are demanding the new restroom protocol.

There is indeed a war on women in this country. And it certainly isn’t being waged by conservatives.


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