Tag team matchup in the GOP

In one corner we have Donald Trump. In the other corner we have Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Even at two-on-one it isn’t a fair fight. My money is still on The Donald.

This morning I read where Cruz/Kasich, hereafter referred to as “The Nightmares” after a masked duo in the Memphis wrestling circuit back in the early 1980’s, are teaming up against Trump, hereafter referred to as “The King” after another Memphis wrestling legend to try and prevent the latter from getting to 1,237 delegates before the GOP convention.

Here’s how it works. The Nightmares are going to split up Indiana, Oregon & New Mexico. Cruz will go up against The King in Indiana while Kasich watches from ringside. Then Cruz will watch from ringside while his tag-team partner campaigns in Oregon and New Mexico.

There are several storylines that emerge:

1. The only candidate who will be campaigning in all three states is The King.

2. Note that the strategy employed by The Nightmares isn’t to promote their own brand but to stop The King from promoting his.

3. As a friend of mine who beat me to the punch on this topic earlier today observed, Cruz might be more closely aligned with the GOP establishment than we thought. Cruz has always branded himself as an outsider, and I had also considered him outside the GOP estsblishment, but the fact that he is aligning himself with a GOP insider like Kasich in order to put the brakes on another outsider more or less shatters his outsider status.

4. The King has been a politician for, oh, ten months or so. What does it say about him and his message that two established politicians are having to join forces in an act of desperation to bring him down?

5. In years past, challengers would drop off the campaign and unite behind the front runner. Not so this year. Even though neither of The Nightmares has a mathematical chance of reaching 1,237, they have eschewed protocol and continue to try to topple the front runner, when they should at this point be united in trying to defeat Democrats, who are the real enemy.

6. The King has received more delegates and more votes by far than any other GOP candidate. It’s the free market of ideas at work. Yet the sole motive now is to stop The King and force a brokered convention with the hope that someone who has received fewer delegates and fewer votes than The King might wrest the nomination from the obvious front runner. This clearly shows that The Nightmares care far more about their own political careers than the will of Republican voters. And this might be the most dispicable part of all.


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