What the New Testament has to say about the importance of the local church (part 2)

Last week I posted the first 7 of 15 principles on the importance of the local church. Today, I’ll post 8-15. It’s important to not just show up to your church but to also be plugged in. This time, we’re in Acts 2:36-47 where we learn a great deal about the New Testament church.

8. The very idea & implementation of the church is God’s doing.

When the Holy Spirit was first unleashed on the early believers, they repented and many were added to the church daily. Early Christianity was called “The Way” or “The New Way” because of its newness. No one had experienced it before.

9. It’s the “pillar & ground” of the truth. Without the church, society would experience total collapse.

The church is not an organization, but an organism. The church is also holding back the wrath of God’s judgement.

10. You need to be part of something that is much bigger than you. (It’s great to be part of something where God is on the move.)

11. Somebody there needs what you have to offer.

12. It takes spiritual discipline.

13. It’s what saved people do.

When you miss church, you should miss church. The New Testament knows nothing about a churchless Christian.

14. It’s exciting to get involved in a place that’s making a difference & changing the world.

15. When operating Biblically, it will provide more power & stability than any organization on earth.


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