Have you ever noticed that the actors/actresses in fast food commercials are all skinny? In real life, the ones who regularly eat that stuff are anything but skinny.

Despite the prevalence of political correctness and comical efforts not to offend, people today are starved for Biblical truth and they will go wherever they have to go to find it.

I do not chase storms. I never have. If it’s ever meant for me to see a tornado, I figure it can come to where I am. I’m not going to where it is.

If you perceive that good music isn’t being made anymore, you aren’t listening to the right people. Just in the past few days I have listened to new music by artists like Sturgill Simpson and Ryley Walker that has reassured me there are artists active in 2016 who are making excellent music.

These post-game officiating reviews made by the NBA are a joke, and will remain a joke until something is done about NBA officiating. I know officials are human and miss calls, but they seem maddeningly reluctant to blow the whistle in the last seconds of close games, even when a call is obvious.

Don’t begrudge someone his good fortune. Congratulate him. Someday the roles may be reversed.

If you are a grown man, please dress like a grown man. Please.

Life isn’t meant to be all work; nor is it meant to be all leisure. One makes you appreciate the other a great deal more.

Diet A&W root beer is my soda of choice. It has the word “beer” on the label so I always feel like I’m getting away with something.

I have nothing against Bible commentaries, but I’d rather just read the Bible itself.

And then, all of a sudden, they graduate from high school.


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