They’ll do anything to make you believe in climate change

Last night I saw the news headline that five of the Solomon Islands have been swallowed by the Pacific Ocean and that climate change is to blame.

Before reading the first word of the actual article, I had two quick thoughts. First, if rising sea levels are to blame, why aren’t we seeing islands disappear on a much larger scale? Second, I bet the Solomon Islands have been sinking for a long time for a variety of reasons, and the media are simply using the phenomenon to help propagate the global warming hoax.

I was right.

There are several available sources for the Solomon Islands story. I’ll use CNN’s because I like to pick on them.

If you take the time to actually read about the Solomon Islands — and it doesn’t take a great deal of effort — you’ll quickly discover that the climate change angle is completely bogus.

First, the last of the five Solomon Islands that have disappeared did so five years ago. You’d think they all just suddenly disappeared unexpectedly judging by the media’s reaction, but this has been going on for decades at least.

Second, the news headlines imply sudden, large increases in sea levels. But the CNN article admits that sea levels in that part of the world have risen only 7 to 10 millimeters in the last 20 years. That’s less than half an inch. Are we supposed to believe that sea level increases of a centimeter or less are responsible for swallowing five islands in the Solomon Islands archipelago? If so, they weren’t very impressive islands.

In reality, the Solomon Islands have been sinking for quite some time. That’s right. They are sinking, and it has nothing to do with human activity or climate change or any other balderdash being propagated by leftists. According to a Spiegel Online article published nearly four years ago (in English, fortunately), the Solomon Islands are sinking because of plate tectonics.

Earthquakes and tsunamis strike Vanikoro regularly, but people here are at the mercy of the forces of nature in a longer-term way, as well: On its slowly sinking course, the Australian Plate is dragging Vanikoro along into the depths.

Ballu was able to document that this is the case for the nearby island of Tegua in a well-received publication last year. That island sank nearly 12 centimeters (five inches) between 1997 and 2009, to the point that the coconut plantation now famous at global climate conferences was underwater. “The sea level rose, but three quarters of that was caused by the land’s subsiding,” she explains.

So you see, the disappearance of some of the Solomon Islands isn’t some new phenomenon. Who knows how long this has been going on? We’ve known about it for years, and that news headlines have suddenly appeared proclaiming it as evidence of climate change demonstrates the left’s willingness to use events that have nothing to do with the climate or human activity as undeniable evidence of that which simply is not true.

But it also demonstrates that climate change hoax deniers will believe anything they are told if it helps promote the left’s ideology without the slightest wisp of curiosity or skepticism. It only took me a few minutes of Googling to uncover the real reason for the sinking of the Solomon Islands. Most will do nothing more than read the headlines, believe what they are told, wring their hands, and wish our leaders would “do something” to alleviate our poor planet.


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