You might be a liberal if…

You label Donald Trump a misogynist for the things he has said about women, but you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton despite what her husband actually did to women.

You believe government is incapable of rounding up and deporting illegal immigrants, but is capable of controlling the climate via legislation.

You lament the “rape culture” in our society, but you have no problem opening up the ladies room to men.

You accuse the right of waging a war on women, but you would deny women, via gun control, the right to arm themselves against would-be male attackers.

You accuse the right of misogyny and patriarchy, but are quick to stand up for radical Muslims, whose Sharia law is the most misogynistic and patriarchal system on earth.

You claim to champion diversity and open-mindedness, but require safe zones to protect you from speech with which you disagree.

You say that black lives matter, but you also favor abortion on demand, which claims a disproportionate share of unborn black lives.

Even though nearly all mass shootings occur in gun-free zones, your answer to every mass shooting is more gun-free zones.

An Islamic militant shouts “Allahu Akbar” while murdering innocent people, but you see no correlation whatsoever between his actions and his religious ideology.

You are quick to call out police brutality, especially against young black men, but you also advocate a system in which only law enforcement and the military could legally bear arms.

Whenever a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, you say we musn’t judge. Whenever a white person commits a similar crime, you immediately start looking for a connection to the GOP and demand gun control.

You accuse corporations and the wealthy of greed, but the politicians you vote for wage entire campaigns on how to spend other people’s money.

You say that Donald Trump is racist against Hispanics for his stance on illegal immigration and that you will move to Canada — not Mexico — if he’s elected.

American citizens who simply want to be left alone by government are more of a threat to you than statists whose aim is to micromanage every aspect of your life.


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