He messed with Texas

Forget ISIS and the 93 million unemployed Americans (or whatever the current figure is). We’ve got a genuine crisis on our hands. The real crisis, you see, is bathroom access for the transgendered. To rectify the dilemma faced by the transgendered/gender-confused — and let’s add them to the acronym and make it LGBTQGC — President Obama has unilaterally issued a decree that all public schools in America shall henceforth conform to the sudden orthodoxy of letting students use whichever bathroom they feel like on a given day. President Obama, who sends his own daughters to a private school, has no Constitutinal authority to do this, but when has that ever stopped him? So far, the state of Texas has stood up and said no, we’re not going along with this. The GOP-led Congress sure isn’t going to do anything, and you certainly can’t count on SCOTUS for anything useful anymore, so that leaves the states to assert themselves against the despot-in-chief.

Western society is a contradiction. On the one hand, our technology continues to amaze, and we have a body of knowledge that seems to grow exponentially, but we don’t know which bathroom to use anymore.


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