A Clinton economy would be worse than Obama’s

That’s more or less by the Clintons’ own admission. You see, Hillary has said that if she’s elected president, she’ll put her husband in charge of the economy (probably to keep his mind off other things). As bad as the Obama economy has been — 93 million unemployed Americans at last count, Bill said less than 4 years ago that Obama has been better at handling the economy than Bill would have been.

I had the same thing happen in 1994 and early ’95. We could see that the policies were working, that the economy was growing. But most people didn’t feel it yet. President Obama started with a much weaker economy than I did. No president — not me, not any of my predators, none — could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years.

First of all, I remember 1992. I remember how the Democrats/media trashed the economy in order to help get Clinton elected. They called it the worst economy since Hoover. But let’s not get off track. Bill admits that he couldn’t have done the job Obama did, and if the Obama economy has resulted in massive job losses, imagine how bad another Clinton economy would be?



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