Is Bill Clinton’s philandering even relevant to the 2016 campaign?

You bet it is. You might argue that Clinton’s history with women isn’t an issue since he isn’t running for president, but he is. You see, Crooked Hillary has already said she will outsource the economy to her philandering husband if she’s elected, so if we get Crooked Hillary, we also get Slick. Plus, Crooked Hillary was instrumental in destroying the women who came forward claiming sexual encounters with Slick back in the 1990’s (the “bimbo eruptions”). So while Slick is the philanderer, Crooked Hillary is very much an enabler. And while Crooked Hillary is quick to play the woman card, you won’t find anyone who has waged a war on women more effectively than the Clintons. They are crooked. And they are slick. It’s time for them to be held accountable. It’s time to get trumped.


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