A long list of gold nuggets of truth from 1 John

This evening we moved into the 5th chapter of 1 John as we dig though this remarkable book. Tonight we “unpackaged” only the first four verses but I literally copied notes as fast as I could write.

There is no greater bond than among the family of God. Once we make a decision for Christ, there is no turning back. We leave the world behind us. The only way to be born of God is through Christ. John reiterates that Christ is the way, the truth & the life. When we are born the first time it is in sin. It takes being born spiritually a second time to be acceptable to God.

1. The common denominator that all true believers have is Jesus Christ. What we believe about Jesus says everything about us spiritually. Unfortunately, denominationalism has become a justifiable reason for dividing the body of Christ. The sign out front doesn’t matter. The only important thing is what we believe about Jesus. He is our one commonality. If we love God, we will love all the other children of God. We are told to keep all the commandments — not all the manmade rules. This is the love of God; there has to be change in your life if you genuinely love Christ. We obey the One who saved us.

2. Obeying the Lord is not a burdensome chore to those who love Him. We won’t be perfect but we will be a great deal changed for the better after we are saved. God expects believers to act like believers. The commandments are not a burden. It is a privilege to just be in the house of God. He convicts us when we stray, and it feels good when we obey. The way of the transgressor is hard. A much easier way than rebellion is obedience. It is best just to say I love the Lord and so I will obey. He will give us a desire in our hearts we have never had before. We don’t allow the world to win battles in our homes or in our hearts. Faith is bigger than the world. We can get jaded by all the mess going on in the world (TV & social media).

3. When we come to Christ, we become a child of God so that we can overcome the world. We didn’t find Jesus; He found us. The nation of Israel rejected Him, so He opened Himself up to us Gentiles. We are overcome by things we ought to be overcoming. Jesus died for sins we commit that we ought to be overcoming by faith. Yet we have the same struggles we had last week. We pray forgiveness for the same sins.

And Peter said to Christ, “Where else shall we go?”


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