Hey, who put you in charge of the Jesus club?

Don’t be that person who takes it upon himself/herself to decide who is a Christian and who isn’t. You might even know such a person. Chances are, they are steeped in legalism (like the Pharisees) and believe themselves specially ordained with a God-like ominicience that enables them to see directly into a person’s heart. Except they don’t. Nobody does. People are icebergs. What we see in others is far less than what we don’t see. Just because a person interprets parts of Scripture differently than you do doesn’t by itself make them a non-believer. And just because you know the Bible from cover to cover doesn’t automatically put you in the Jesus club. It’s not what you know. It’s what you do. As my own pastor remarked recently from the podium, we’ll be just as surprised by who we’ll find in heaven as who we won’t.


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