Put some skin in the game!

As a parent, would you ever consider walking into your home on payday and letting your children decide how to spend your paycheck? You’d be a fool to do such a thing. A child has no clue how to make responsible financial decisions, and your children didn’t earn your paycheck, anyway, so why on earth would you trust them?

This is my attitude toward Democrat voters, at least a good many of them.

Last night we once again saw violent protestors show up at a Trump rally, doing what Democrat voters do. I don’t know if they were paid like the protestors at other Trump rallies, but there they were, causing mayhem, destroying property, threatening the safety of others, etc. It’s what they do. They’re Democrats.

Unfortunately, many of these are voting members of society. But they should not be. I would go so far as to say that if you are not a productive member of society, if all you expect are handouts of other people’s money, then you have no business inside a voting booth. If you don’t contribute to the tax base in any meaningful way, then you should have no say in how taxes are spent. As it is, you have the ability to vote money out of other people’s paychecks and into your pocket, and this is how a republic breaks down.

But that’s voter disenfranchisement! You’re darn right it is. If you are not a productive member of society, if all you do is take what other Americans have earned, if all you do is tear down what productive individuals have built up, if you never do anything to improve yourself, then you have more or less disenfranchised yourself from society. Nobody did it to you. You are doing it to yourself. So please do everyone a favor for once and stay home on Election Day.

Democrats are agitators. They divide Americans according to gender, race, economic class, sexual orientation, religion, etc. They then pit one group against another, always assigning the useless group some form of victimhood and then setting up the productive members of society as the oppressors and convincing the underclass that their oppressors have stolen from them and vote Democrat so we can take back from the oppressors and give it to the underclass.

Donald Trump is the perfect scapegoat for leftists. He’s a male. He’s white. He’s wealthy. He has said things about women, Muslims, Mexicans, etc. He represents everything leftists hate. So he and his supporters are ready-made enemies. He wants to build a wall and stop the flow of Middle Eastern refugees and he might even slow the spigot of other people’s money from the productive to the non-productive.

The left is very good at telegraphing who they fear. And they fear Trump. You never saw protests like these at Ted Cruz rallies, or John Kasich rallies, or Marco Rubio rallies. It’s truly a wonderful thing to behold. It’s time for the adults to stand up and insist that the Democrat children put some skin in the game or get out of the way and let the productive do what they do.


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