No turning back (1 John 5:6-9)

Day by day we watch God move in our lives. Don’t look back or you’re not even fit for the kingdom of God. Jesus came by water (baptism that marked the start of His ministry) and by blood (redemption of mankind). Jesus didn’t come to earth just to be an example. He led by example, for sure, but to be our substitute. The Holy Spirit bears witness to this, because the Spirit is truth. Truth radically sets our lives free, because sin puts us in bondage.

1. The Holy Spirit will never contradict the plain teaching of Scripture. We cannot live only by feelings and emotion. The Holy Spirit will not lead us to do something contrary to Scripture. If the word of God cannot validate our experience, then it was not of God. The Spirit of God is in perfect unison with His word. Even God submits Himself to His own authority & will not contradict Himself. He has exalted His word above His own name. In verse 7, “the Word” is synonymous with Jesus (the Father, the Word & the Holy Spirit). The Trinity is foundational to Christianity.

2. Sound theology is paramount to following Jesus. The Bible is the no. 1 book being sold, yet people are ignorant of it. Whether or not we are a pastor, we must be good students of the Bible. The Bible isn’t all about love. We aren’t to speak love, per se, but to speak truth lovingly. The Bible doesn’t tell us not to judge, but how to judge. Theology is therefore for every Bible-believing Christian. We have to know why we believe what we believe. He creates us in His image for His glory. To be created in His image is to possess body, soul & spirit. We are trinitarian beings just like God. Theology is the very makeup of who we are as believers.

3. God speaks through divine order & process. God has a divine order. There is a process to life. We all want the power but not the process. Everyone wants the resurrection but not the crucifixion.


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