Introduction to Psalms

(Psalms 1:1-5)

The Psalms was the Hebrew songbook. It is the longest book in the Bible. Psalms has at least a dozen authors, most notably David. It deals with history, prophecy & encouragement. No book of the Bible oozes more emotion than Psalms.

We all want to be blessed by the Lord. People around us will know if we’ve been blessed by God.

Peer pressure happens with adults, too, and we have to make sure we’re influenced by the right people. Our relationships must be connected Biblically. Our best friends should not be lost people, but those who can offer Godly counsel.

We must set no wicked thing before our eyes. Also, don’t go the way of sinners. Believers love things differently now than before they were saved. We don’t need a lot of negative influences in our lives. A blessed man is careful who he gets his influences from and gives his influences to.

Believers love the Bible. We should have a growing desire to know the Lord. We are instructed to meditate day & night. We don’t get much out of church people when we don’t expect much. But God has some expectations.

We have to get our roots deep so our leaf does not wither. Marinate in the word. We want to be spiritually prosperous. You can’t do that without the Bible. The church has to be built upon the word of God.

There will be dry spells spiritually. Yet we are to keep reading the word of God so we can prepare for the next season.

The ungodly are not like us. It’s not us that makes them ungodly, but it is God who says they are so. The ungodly don’t watch who influences them; they don’t study the word of God; they are tossed around by every wind of doctrine.

Not everyone will experience the same judgement. There will be a judgement of the saved and a judgement of the damned. We will not all stand together. The godly have been cleansed and will congregate in heaven. The damned will not defile heaven with their presence.


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