The cockroaches go scurrying when the alpha male is in the house!

San Jose, California.

The hoodlums that populate the Democrat Party have protested another Trump rally, except the object of their violence and vitriol was Trump supporters and not just Trump.

The media/Democrats (or Democrats/media, or just Democrat media) refuse to place blame for the protests where it lies: Democrat activists and the thugs they hire to do their bidding. Instead, they’ll blame Trump for inciting the violence, or at the very least excuse the thuggery with “Well, Trump is a racist and bigot and misogynist, so what did you expect?” (i.e., You can’t expect the malcontents on the left to just sit at home peacefully and let the Trump rally go down without some violence.)

Every time this happens, the resolve of Trump supporters steels itself a little more. Every time this happens, we want to see that wall built ten feet taller. Every time this happens, the Democrats and their goons reveal themselves to be the petulant, parasitic children that they are. Every time this happens, the left tells us who they fear. The didn’t act this way when Romney was the nominee, or McCain, or even Bush 43. None of the other 2016 GOP candidates struck fear in the left the way Trump does. Flashing a “Trump: Make America Great Again” sign to them is akin to showing Dracula the Cross.

Trump protesters do not love the country. They are here strictly as takers. They contribute very little, if anything at all. They are moochers and leeches and terrified at the prospect of adults taking over in January. So keep protesting, leftists. You are weakening your cause with every act of violence, every display of your intolerance, every morsel of your anti-Americanism. You are weakening your cause and strengthening ours. You have no idea what’s about to happen in November.


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