Living the abundant life (1 John 5:10-12)

There are three who bear witness in heaven: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Baptism doesn’t save us, but it does identify us. God has one message: His son. He who believes on the son of God has the witness (testimony). We will have something in us so big it will manifest itself onto others.

1. It is a Biblical impossibility to contain and silence the inward witness of Christ. Five times Paul shared his testimony during his missionary journeys. You can argue your way into discouragement, depression & judgmentalism. But all you really have to tell is what the grace of Christ has done for you and nobody can argue with it. Everybody comes to Christ in a different way. The commonality among us all is that Jesus works inwardly so we can express outwardly. And Jesus instructed us to go and preach. We shall receive power. We have the responsibility to share the good news of the gospel with the world. Just share with others what Christ has done for you. Our witness and testimony are very powerful. If you deny the reality of Christ, you make God a liar. There is overwhelming evidence of Christ’s life on earth. There is no way around Christ.

2. Rejection of the gospel will prove to be detrimental in life and in death. When people reject Christ, there are not only eternal consequences, but you are also wasting your life here on earth. We will all stand before God and we will not get another chance. There is no way to sugar-coat Hell or make it politically correct. We have plenty of warnings in Scripture. We cannot make Hell pretty. God is a God of grace so He offers us a way out. (It’s in red letters so you can take it up with Him.) Jesus talks about Hell as an assumed truth. At the time, they just had Moses and the prophets and it was sufficient evidence even without the New Testament. Many don’t believe Jesus about this because many don’t believe there are long-term effects.

3. There is a fundamental difference between just existing and actually living. People who are alive without Jesus are the walking dead. Most people exist but don’t really live. You cannot truly live without Christ Jesus. Our marriages will exist but never thrive. Jesus is the equation that makes life worth living. We want to be remembered for living life to the fullest, for being spiritually full. Jesus gives us life not redundantly, but abundantly.


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