How the New Testament teaches us to pray

1 John 5:13-15

There is no true life without the power of the Holy Spirit. Because we believe in the Son of God, “these things” have been written unto us. We may know that we have eternal life. Salvation is not a right. It is a privilege to be saved by the grace of God.

1. The assurance of our salvation is based solely upon our reliance on the Word of God. Our assurance is not based on feelings. Our salvation is fixed and founded on the Word of God. Repent and you will be saved. You won’t be perfect, but you will be different. Satan tried to even get Jesus to doubt, so this accuser of the brethren will surely try to cast doubt in our minds. Even the thief on the cross said merely “Remember me,” and was saved. The Scripture notes just how simplistic this man’s salvation experience truly was. He could do nothing to earn his salvation. It had to come by faith. Salvation is not about death, but life. If we can trust God for something as large as our salvation, then we can trust him for the daily necessities. He hears us according to His will, not ours.

So what does God command us to pray for so that He will hear us and be honored?
– Forgiveness
– Enemies
– Victory over temptation
– Daily bread
– Wisdom
– Laborers for God’s work
– Spiritual leaders
– Governmental leaders
– Relief from all affliction
– For one another

2. We must learn to pray in obedience and submission to God’s will. We know that He will hear us.

3. God is not a cosmic genie; He is a good Father who delights in blessing His children. Just as we bless our own children, how much more will the Father give to us? We have made prayer a boring routine and so there is no power in our prayer.


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