Who’s on who’s side anymore?

By now you know that some 50 people were killed by a gun-wielding Islamic militant inside a gay nightclub in Orlando. As is always the case in mass shootings and other acts of terrorism, the event was quickly politicized. This happens not out of callousness, I have come to realize, but because one of two major political parties and its allies have no clue as to who the bad guy is anymore.

From everything I have read so far, the left has has kinda sorta thrown the word “terrorism” around, but have also scapegoated guns and conservative evangelicals. The former was to be expected. The left greets every mass shooting with calls for gun control. It comes as natural to them as breathing. The second caught me off guard a little. I understand that there are some hard-hearted souls who are a little too gleeful that it was homosexuals who were targeted by the shooter. While I do not share their sentiment, it wasn’t a conservative evangelical who presumably shouted “Allah hu Akbar!” as he slaughtered clubgoers. It was a radicalized Muslim.

Those of us on the right (you know, those of us who supposedly hate gays) at least know who to blame: 1) the shooter, 2) the shooter’s radicalized faith, and 3) an administration that coddles the shooter’s radicalized faith.

I figured by the end of the day, we’d find out who ranks higher on the left’s PC food chain. Sorry, LGBT community, but it appears that radical Islam has trumped you. Democrat leaders like President Obama and Hillary Clinton cannot bring themselves to tell the truth about the attacker. On the other hand, Donald Trump has already said everything that needs to be said on this issue. The shooter was a radical Islamist and we have got to stop bringing these people into the country unvetted.


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