Lest we forget the plight of the Coptic Christians

Early Sunday morning, an Islamic militant in Orlando reminded us — as if we needed reminding — of the absolute darkness and inhumanity of which man is capable. While apologists for militant Islam have been quick to blame the firearm the shooter used and, oddly, conservative evangelicals for creating a climate of hostility against homosexuals, the real culprit for the crime was an Islamic militant and his radicalized faith.

You can blame conservative evangelicals if you like, but doing so only reflects an incredible shallowness and an unwillingness to confront the truth of radical Islam. You can blame the firearm if you like, but last year ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt, and they use swords for those, so you can’t blame the gun.

In at least 10 Muslim nations, they execute homosexuals. I know there is discrimination over here against homosexuals. There’s discrimination against a lot of people groups (including conservative evangelicals). But to blame conservative evangelicals for a radical Muslim’s hatred of gays completely exonerates Islam’s role in its treatment of homosexuals.

The most ironic aspect of the fallout from yesterday morning’s mass shooting is that the same ideologues who accuse us on the right of homophobia also accuse us of Islamophobia. To my knowledge, you will find no greater threat to homosexuals than Islamists. (Again, they execute homosexuals in the Middle East.) So in order to assuage their inability to criticize the Muslim faith for any reason, conservative evangelicals — and I do consider myself one — have somehow found themselves being blamed for a crime committed by a Muslim extremist. I simply cannot follow the mental gymnastics that produces such a conclusion. Logic will not permit it.

In the Middle East, Christians are persecuted, and sometimes executed for their faith. It makes being a Christian here in the U.S. seem cushy. The more Westerners continue to coddle Islamists and allow them to cross our borders unvetted, the more we are going to see mass shootings. If you ban guns, they will use swords. If you ban swords, they will find another weapon. Heck, they used box cutters and airplanes to kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11. In Boston, they used a pressure cooker. The problem isn’t the weaponry. The problem is radical Islam.



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