Every mass shooting makes the case for the 2nd Amendment

With every mass shooting, the left starts demanding gun control right out of the gate. It doesn’t matter who commits the crime, nor the motive, nor the victims. The answer to every shooting is gun control to prevent more shootings.

Yet every time a mass shooting occurs, it strengthens the case for the 2nd Amendment. The left will argue that we need gun control now more than ever, but in reality, rarely have we needed the 2nd Amendment more than now.

The 2nd Amendment was written to enable citizens to defend their lives, their property, and their freedoms. If we were to do away with the 2nd Amendment, all three would be in jeopardy. Law-abiding citizens would be forced to part with their firearms. But firearms wouldn’t go away. The government and criminals would still have theirs, you see. Whereas law-abiding citizens aren’t much of a threat to each other’s life, property, and freedom, the government and criminals certainly are, and if law-abiding citizens are denied the right to bear arms, who will protect us?

Like most (if not all) mass shootings, the Orlando shooter wasn’t stopped until someone else showed up with a gun. There’s a lesson to be learned.


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