The worst shooting in U.S. history

You may have heard that this weekend’s shooting in Orlando was the worst in U.S. history. As awful as the shooting was, it is not the worst. The worst U.S. shooting did not occur in 2016. It did not occur in Orlando. An Islamic militant was not the culprit. A gay nightclub was not the setting. Radical Islamic ideology was not the motivator.

The worst shooting in U.S. history occurred in 1890. It occurred in South Dakota. The U.S. government was the culprit. The Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation was the setting. Gun confiscation was the motivator.

We know it as the Wounded Knee Massacre.

On December 29, 1890, members of the 7th Cavalry Regiment attempted to disarm the Lakota Indians. According to Wikipedia, a deaf Lakota named Black Coyote did not want to part with his rifle because he had paid a lot for it. A scuffle ensued, a shot was fired, and the 7th Cavalry then opened fire from all sides. The Lakota who still had their weapons returned fire, but they were put down. The surviving Lakota fled, but cavalrymen pursued and killed many of them who were unarmed. Estimates put the number of Lakota killed at 150-300. An additional 31 soldiers also lost their lives.

You might think that gun confiscation is a relatively new brainchild of the left. But the idea certainly isn’t new, not even in the U.S. The next time a liberal talks about gun control, know that they are only talking about private citizens. It’s a sure bet that the government will never give up its guns. If you trust armed agents of the government to always behave nobly, think again.


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