Theology of the towel

John 13:1-17

Jesus is more or less at the zenith of His ministry preparing the disciples for His departure. It was the Feast of the Passover, one of the greatest events in the entire Old Testament.

Christ did not come merely to perform miracles but to redeem humanity. It is said that He loved the disciples to the end (just like today).

After the feast, the devil entered Judas. (Christ had chosen Judas knowing he would betray Him, so He was not caught off guard.)

There has never been an historical figure who changed more lives or caused more controversy. Yet here He took on a servant’s role and washed the disciples feet. In one moment of grace he personified a servant, a wife, and a child, since those were the only ones who washed feet at that time.

The Apostle Peter took offense to this (just like John the Baptist at Christ’s baptism). There must have been a sense of confusion in the upper room that night.

We should trust the wisdom of God because He knows what’s coming. What we don’t appreciate now we will appreciate someday because we will understand the process then. So whatever Christ is willing to do as a servant we should also be willing to do.

When you serve people you start to like them. It takes great humility to do what Jesus did (although this is not considered one of the ordinances). We are not greater than He.

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