An oasis of rationality and logic surrounded by a desert of unreality

That’s the way I feel nowadays. I don’t consider myself anything special. I just have a very deep appreciation for the truth and I really do try to understand what is true. The truth is a commodity that is becoming increasingly hard to find and adhere to. It is lied about, maligned, covered up, censored, but rarely is it embraced on a large scale. The truth often flies in the face of the daily narrative. There is only one version of it. (In other words, there is no such thing as “your version of the truth.” The truth is simply what is.)

Let me give you a few examples from the recent collection of narratives we have been handed by the media and political world:

Last week a Muslim extremist (who was also a registered Democrat) opened fire in a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 and injuring many others. Conservative evangelicals and the gun were blamed for the shooting.

Social justice warriors (leftists, statists, etc.) champion the causes of Islam, gay BLT rights, and women’s rights while accusing those of us on the right of Islamophobia, homophobia, and misogyny. Yet Islam is incompatible with gay BLT rights and women’s rights. In ten Muslim nations they execute homosexuals, and you will not find a religion which oppresses women to the degree that Islam oppresses its women.

Those of us with a modicum of common sense do not approve of the recent cause célèbre of letting men use the women’s room (and vice versa) under the banner of transgender rights (the “T” in “gay BLT”). But most of us don’t necessarily disapprove of transgenders using the bathroom according to their chosen gender, per se, but we do sort of have a problem with male sexual predators entering the ladies’ room to prey upon some unsuspecting female. We are told that we live in a rape culture, so you’d think the left would be sensitive to our argument, but instead we are called bigots for suggesting that men use the men’s room. (To quote Steely Dan, the things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand.)

We have a regime in place in Washington that cannot call radical Islamic terrorism what it really is. Instead, they want to ban guns. Those of us who want to cut off the flow of Syrian refugees for safety reasons are called racist.

Paid protesters are sent by leftists to create mayhem at Trump rallies, sometimes even engaging in criminal activity, and Trump is blamed for the violence.

Yesterday, we learned that the University of Missouri protesters will receive this year’s ESPY courage award, even though the entire protest was contrived and based on a hoax.

These are just recent examples from the last few months only. There is a large segment of the U.S. population that votes Democrat and has been thoroughly indoctrinated in anti-Americanism that, in all honestly, lives in an alternate state of unreality. Facts don’t matter. Truth doesn’t matter. The false narrative that first blames America and its traditions cannot be altered in their minds by that which really is. Unreality trumps reality. They cannot be reasoned with, because when one’s mind is closed to facts and reality, there’s not much you can do. So I don’t bother with them.

My only hope is that there enough people like me that show up on election day to vote for the ones who make the laws and spend the money. As long as there are more of me than them, we’ll survive as a country. My fear is that we might have finally reached the point when more are influenced by the narrative than the truth. And when that happens, the freedoms we have enjoyed and the institutions and ideas that made us great will exist only in the past.

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