What was that you were saying about LGBT rights?

I’m going to piggyback on something a friend of mine blogged about earlier today. The premise of his post is that, despite all the rhetoric about Democrats being the champions of LGBT rights, Democrats really are no friend to gays. I’m coming to you as a conservative Christian (with libertarian leanings).

You may have heard that people like me are homophobic and hate gays. Nothing could be further from the truth. I really have nothing against you at all. You leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.

You may have heard that people like me are obsessed with what goes on in your bedroom, hence the slogan “Stay out of my bedroom.” Trust me, your bedroom is the last place on earth I would ever want to be. What you do in your personal life and whom you choose to pair up with doesn’t concern me in the least. I don’t feel threatened by you, nor am I a “phobic.” I don’t advocate hate or discrimination toward you in any way.

But there is a group of individuals, an entire religion, in fact, that does advocate hate and discrimination toward you. Contrary to what you’ve been told by liberal Democrats, it isn’t Christianity. It’s Islam (the darlings of the Democrat Party). In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, Democrats found themselves in the precarious position have having to choose between you and militant Islam. And guess what? You got thrown under the bus.

You see, all liberal Democrats had to do was finally admit that militant Islam is a scourge to free people and that no one discriminates against LGBT’s with the fervor of Muslims. They execute homosexuals in 10 different Muslim nations. Instead, the left blamed conservative evangelicals…and the gun.

Earlier this week, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives staged a childish sit-in after the Senate failed to pass gun-control legislation. That’s right, the Democrats protested the fact that the Senate did not strip away some of our Constitutional rights. They sang “We Shall Overcome.” Overcome what? The Second Amendment?

You might think conservative Christians are your enemy. After all, we just got blamed for a crime in Orlando that we had nothing to do with. But we are not your enemy. Aside from the fact that we are content to leave you alone and let you live your life, we support your right to bear arms.

Let me boil this down for you, LGBT’s. There is one political party in this country who sides with Islam and does not support your right to bear arms. That would be the Democrat Party.

Those of us on the right? Your supposed enemies? We know exactly what the “Religion of Peace” is all about. We refer to militant Islam for what it is. And we support your right to bear arms. LGBT’s have a Constitional right to bear arms, and those of us on the right would never try to take that away from you. Maybe you don’t like guns and you don’t want to exercise that right. That’s fine but don’t deny the next person his right just because you don’t exercise yours. Remember, if just one gay person inside that Orlando night club had been armed, literally dozens of LGBT lives could have been saved. But Democrats don’t want you armed. Maybe your lives don’t matter to them after all.


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