No turning back (1 John 5:19-21)

Alas, we have reached the end of 1 John.

As believers, we will not constantly engage in sin and get away with it. The key to spirituality is not keeping up with other people and their sin but with our own. If we want to grow spiritually, we can. Those who don’t have chosen not to. If we keep ourselves, the devil will not be able to touch us. We know that we are saved by faith. We know that we are part of God’s family. Real believers know that they are saved. Our worldview has become Americanized. But there is an entire world out there that exists in wickedness. All you have to do is read the newspaper to know this.

1. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and we will not fear the wickedness all around us. Too often, we in the church fear the things of the world. The Word of God is being proven true daily. The depravity of man has brought about the judgement of God in myriad ways. Don’t complain about the darkness, but be a light in the darkness. We live a day in which the truth has been trampled. But our hope is in Christ.

2. The Word of God provides us with a level of understanding and wisdom that others cannot grasp. In 1 Corinthians 2:14, Paul talks about the concept of the gospel (death, burial, resurrection). It is futile to argue these things with the unsaved. Lost people do not think like saved people because God grants us a level of understanding not available to the lost. Thus, we cannot spend our lives debating with lost people. The Bible will give us knowledge well beyond the experience of our years. How do we know that the things of the Bible are really true? The Bible says that the Word of God gives us an understanding about what is true. Nowhere does the Bible tell lost people how to live. It’s all about how believers should live. Lost people are going to live like lost people.

As believers, we are to keep ourselves from idols. Whatever we will not surrender to God has become an idol. There are some things that we have allowed to creep into the church and encroach upon God: stuff (materialism), sports, sex (pornography & adultery), self (our online lives, especially), and social media (destroyed natural communication amongst ourselves). When was the last time we spent more time in Bible than on social media? These things are not wicked by themselves, but become so when we allow them to replace God. Our hearts are idol factories. We love God when he does what we want Him to do because we love ourselves more than the Savior.

3. Believers must constantly fight against the curse of idolatry.


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