Asking the wrong question about LGBT rights

While LGBT rights activists were obsessing over wedding cakes and transgender bathrooms, something with real-world implications took place earlier this month: the Orlando shooting.

The question isn’t whether a baker or photographer or caterer should be forced to sell his services to a gay wedding couple. After all, no one has a Constitutional right to someone else’s labor.

The question isn’t whether a man or woman should be able to enter a restroom of the opposite gender if he or she “identifies with” the other gender (or happens to be a pervert looking for prey). No one has a Constitutinal right to bathroom facilities on someone else’s property.

The question is whether a gun store owner would sell a firearm to a gay client who is looking to protect himself. No, I haven’t polled every single gun owner, but I bet you’d be hard-pressed to find one who would turn down a client looking for self-defense, gay or otherwise. After all, we do have a Constitutional right to bear arms. Therefore, when discussing LGBT rights, if you’re truly looking out for their rights and not just forcing your will onto someone else, then this is the question you ought to be asking.


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