Twitter break

This weekend, our pastor made a list of things that we in the church have made idols of. An idol isn’t necessarily a carved statue you bow down to, but anything that you value more than God. There’s materialism and sexuality, our own selves and there’s also the god of sports. And there’s social media. How could social media become an idol? Because we have allowed it to replace our natural method of communication, and we’re consumed by social media. Our pastor didn’t ask us to give up social media, nor did he challenge us to “fast” from it. After all, he has a burgeoning Facebook ministry he uses to compliment his church ministry, and so he has leveraged social media to help bring glory to the church and to God. But even our pastor admits it can become addicting.

He did challenge us to read a chapter of the Bible every time we check our social media. He said this will cause us to check our social media less, or read the Bible more, or both. I decided to take a week off from Twitter just to see what it’s like. Twitter is the only social media platform I use, but I’ve been on Twitter for more than 7 years. I cannot remember the last day — until today — that I went without tweeting something. It has probably been years since I took even one day off. So I’m going to stay away from Twitter for a week and see how I feel about it then. I’ve even deleted my apps. Honestly, I do miss it a little. I’ve already gone to check it a couple of times already today, reflexively, only to realize it isn’t there anymore. I may get back on Twitter next weekend, or I may take a longer break, or I might quit altogether. We shall see.


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