Taking stock on July 1

Today begins the second half of 2016. I love this part of the year. I love summer and have grown to actually enjoy the heat of Tennessee summers. Life has quietened somewhat, but changes are ahead. Seven weeks from today we move our 18-year-old to the University of Memphis. Then it will only be the two of us and one high-maintenance dog.

Reading: Books and blogs written by those who have hiked the Appalachian Trail. For the past year the trail has been calling my name. Of course, I’ll need several months to hike the 2,175 miles from Georgia to Maine, so it’s not an endeavor I can begin anytime soon.

Listening: A mixture of decades-old jazz albums and new music by current artists. Whoever said good music isn’t made anymore isn’t listening very hard.

Anticipating: A resumption of Memphis visits. Football season starts in two months and basketball comes right after football, so we’ll need excuses to drive to Memphis to pester the 18-year-old.

Running: Mostly 5K’s. As much as I love the heat, it does wear me down when I hit the pavement. There’s no good time to run, although evenings are best. In the morning you get the humidity and in the afternoon you get the heat, although cooler mornings this week have enabled me to enjoy 5-mile runs two of the last three days.

Simplifying: Everything. I am still figuring out ways to reduce our possessions and generally make life less cumbersome.

Viewing: The treetops and sky from my hammock. I make it a point to spend time there most every day.


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