Rich people need Jesus, too

Many years ago when I was attending a different church than I do now, a missionary on furlough from Chile came by to address our congregation on her ministry. It turns out she worked primarily in a wealthy neighborhood ministering primarily to wealthy people. One of our members more or less asked her why she wasn’t instead ministering to the poor, and her answer boiled down to one phrase I’ve never forgotten: “Rich people need Jesus, too.”

The liberal church here in the United States has done what liberals in the political arena have done for the past five decades. They have divided Americans into groups and sub-groups, pitted certain groups against one another (oppressors vs. the oppressed), and positioned themselves as white knights for the oppressed. The fallacy of their ministry is twofold. First, the ministry of liberal Christians is entirely worldly. There is very little eternal value in social justice. They’ll go to the mat over transgender bathroom “rights,” but I hear very little about leading lost people to Christ. Second, liberal Christians allow themselves to be blown about by every wind of doctrine. A year ago, transgender bathroom “rights” weren’t anywhere on the radar, but now in 2016 you’d think the issue has been around since Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the stone tablets.

What aggravates me is how liberal Christians have turned Christ into a social justice warrior like themselves. Liberals have largely succeeded in getting their political agenda codified as science, and they are trying awfully hard to get it codified as Biblical. Jesus Christ was many things, but he was no social justice warrior. He was little concerned with the he things of this world. When he came into the world, the nation of Israel was under the rule of the Roman Empire. And the Romans of that period were not nice people. If anyone needed relief from oppression, it was the Israelites. But Christ had very little to do with the Romans. The Roman Empire was powerful, but also temporal. It had no eternal consequence. Instead, Christ came to win the lost. And when he became angry, it was directed primarily at the religious hypocrites who occupied the Jewish temples.

There is oppression in the world today, but very little of it occurs in the United States. When we subdivide society the way liberals do, we devalue certain segments of humanity. Today’s liberal church is all about gay BLT rights, transgender bathroom rights, #BlackLivesMatter, fighting misogyny, fighting Islamophobia. But what about leading lost people to Christ? We hear a lot about white privilege, but no amount of white privilege ever got a white person into heaven. That’s because white people need Jesus just like everyone else. Men need Jesus just as much as women. Straight people need Jesus. Rich people need Jesus. Gun owners need Jesus. Conservative evangelicals need Jesus. Everyone who falls outside the left’s protected class (women, minorities, gay BLT’s, and the poor) still needs Jesus. We may each have a different standing in the eyes of liberals, but in an eternal sense, when we stand before God, we are all equally sinful and equally in need of a Savior.


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