Where it all began 240 years ago

My family and I went to Philadelphia ten summers ago. Actually, we’ve been there four time, but in the summer of 2006 we actually toured Independence Hall. I love early American history. It is bittersweet to me. Even looking at my photos and knowing who was there and what they accomplished in Philadelphia makes me a little sad.

We have squandered the republic they gave us. I don’t write this to be cynical or fatalistic. But the United States in 2016 is not what the Founders intended. Their is no “getting it back.” It is gone. We fought a War of Independence against England over less egregiousness than what our own federal government has become.

I revere the founding and the Founders. I study our history because that United States only exists in history books anymore. It pains me how the American left has trashed the Constitution and how they disrespect our Founders. Establishment politicians today, especially Democrats, are statists and scoundrels. They are nothing compared to men like Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Washington, Madison, etc. Those are my heroes. They were learned men who feared God and set in place the best government human minds have ever conceived. Along the way, piece by piece, we have squandered it.

Happy July 4th, everyone. May God continue to bless America, in spite of ourselves.

Home of Betsy Ross
Statue of George Washington outside Independence Hall
Interior of Independence Hall, room where they held the Constitutional Convention in 1787
Congress Hall
Liberty Bell

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