Those who liberals fear most

One of the many oddities of liberals is that the people they fear the most, or at least have the greatest contempt for, are those who simply want to be left alone and don’t ever bother anyone. By their nature, liberals are statists. They aren’t content to run their own lives. They want to run yours, too. It’s not something I can relate to. I’ve never had the desire to control other people, what they think, or how they behave. But liberals do. And those of us who resist are the greatest threats to their power. We don’t want to be taken over. We aren’t going to be lied to and fall for a set of narratives that have no connection to reality.

Liberals do not care for the U.S. Constitution because, in their minds, it places too many restrictions on government and grants too many liberties to citizens. Those of us who insist on keeping our liberties are maligned by the left and called all sorts of the things that we aren’t. You’d think a group of individuals who simply wants to be left alone wouldn’t be considered a threat to anyone. But the left considers us a greater threat than militant Islam, which is why they blame us for the actions of terrorists when we aren’t bothering anyone.

There are only three ways the conflict between statists and freedom-seeking citizens can be resolved. We acquiesce to the demands of the left (which isn’t going to happen), we defeat them in elections and at least keep them in the minority, or we become outlaws when we maintain freedom (the right to bear arms, for example) after they vote to take them away. I prefer option two. Let’s make America great again.


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