Ways in which liberals are like children

I have a short fuse today, so while I’m going off on liberals, let me add something else. I often make reference to the November election as putting the adults back in charge, because right now we are a nation being governed and manipulated by adolescent malcontents. The adults have become bystanders. Liberals are running the show, and they resemble children in so many ways.

1. Liberals don’t take responsibility for their actions or the results of their policies. When an Islamic militant, who was a registered Democrat, opened fire at an Orlando nightclub last month, killing 49, the left blamed conservative evangelicals (and the gun). When five Dallas policemen were murdered two days ago by a #BlackLivesMatter protester who said he wanted to murder white people, the left blamed conservatives. They divide Americans by race, gender, and economic class, stir up anger, then blame conservatives for the hostility that inevitably results.

2. Liberals try to convince us we don’t see and hear what we see and hear, just like a child who proclaims innocence after you plainly observe him/her commit some infraction.

3. Liberals expect others to pay their bills.

4. Liberals become irate when they don’t get their way and resort to name-calling.

5. Liberals are largely incapable of carrying on a well-reasoned, logical argument. When confronted with facts and logic that plainly refute their narrative, they cling to the narrative and resort to name-calling or demands of censorship — not censorship of the false narrative, but censorship of facts and logic.

6. Liberals change the rules whenever it fits their purpose. Just look at what they’ve done to the Constitution.

7. Liberals misuse words. Pretty much everything they disagree with (usually factual arguments that destroy their narrative) is written off as “hate speech.” Someone who presents factual arguments against their false narrative is a “racist.” If you support the Second Amendment, you are an “extremist.”

8. Liberals have little respect for private property, and the work that goes into building something up. Look at the way they destroy property during a Trump protest and the way they malign “big business.”

9. Liberals have no appreciation for where the money that funds their social programs comes from. If you don’t give into their demands, they throw a tantrum, just like a spoiled child in a toy store whose parent tells him/her “no.” If we have to borrow from future taxpayers, then so be it.

10. Liberals use threats and manipulation to get their way. They are already promising mass protests if Trump wins in November.

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