Unwarranted grievances

It wasn’t like this before 2009. That’s the year the Agitator-in-Chief came to office. If you’ve ever wondered what a community organizer does, you’re looking at it. They organize division, strife, hostility, anger, even violence.

We were told the election of the first black president (or at least half-black president) would mark an end to racism as we had known it. Electing Obama was supposed to be a healing. Instead, the opposite has happened. America is more racially polarized now than I can ever remember, and I’m 46 years old, born the year after MLK’s assassination.

We have affirmative action programs, diversity programs, quotas, multiculturalism, sensitivity training. We elected the first black (half-black) president nearly 8 years ago. White people walk on eggshells to avoid saying anything that might be construed as racist. And yet we are called racist for things that have nothing to do with race. You can disagree with a liberal on anything and draw the racist label. The word doesn’t even mean anything anymore.

Black Lives Matter is a false narrative based on a premise that does not exist. (See my previous post.) BLM is being stoked by black leaders, including President Obama, the despicable reverends, etc. They could end it all if they truly wanted. They have the influence. But they don’t want it to end. In fact, we’re probably just getting started. This is what the race industry thrives on, after all. There won’t be racial healing, because they could never allow it. A racially-healed country would put the race hustlers out of their jobs.

Every time an act of violence is committed by BLM, someone else gets blamed: law enforcement, guns, white people, conservatives, slavery, or just “the system” as a whole. Violent BLM protestors, who do not have a legitimate grievance against this nation or its people anymore, are never held to account. They aren’t responsible for anything. And therein lies the problem.

Blacks are killing blacks far more often than they are killed by whites. In fact, blacks kill whites more often than whites kill blacks. But BLM has been built on a handful of isolated cases in which black men have been killed by law enforcement. I’m not saying that all those killings were justified. But I am saying that the real war against America’s blacks is being waged by American blacks. Large cities like Chicago, Detroit, and, unfortunately, Memphis, are seeing a sharp increase in crime. Blacks are killing blacks, but there are no protests against black-on-black crime. Do black lives taken by other blacks really matter?

It’s all contrived, dear readers. Like the rest of liberalism, it’s all contrived. This is what they do: divide, agitate, blame others, eschew responsibility, demand, divide some more. This is the Obamanation in which we live.


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