Day of rage!

Today we are told we could possibly see “day of rage” protests by #BlackLivesMatter. This is emblematic of not only the race industry, but of the left as a whole. You see, their guy got elected president almost 8 years ago. He has been in office for nearly two full terms. Politically, the left has pretty much everything it has wanted. There has been little effective opposition to the left’s steady march toward a borderless, socialist state. They have largely succeeded in transforming the U.S. from the world’s lone superpower and the greatest nation the world has ever known into a seething mass of anger, rancor and division. And yet #BlackLivesMatter and the entire political left remain as angry and defiant as ever. That they must stage a day of rage given that the current political landscape tilts so heavily leftward illustrates that liberals are nothing more than angry malcontents who cannot be happy regardless of circumstances, so we may as well elect Donald Trump. The left will be angry no matter what, so let’s at least put the adults back in charge and get on with the business of making America great again.


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