President Obama could end it

Three more policemen were killed today at the hands of Black Lives Matter, including one black policeman whose life didn’t matter. I dare say BLM has become far more dangerous and lethal than the KKK. The Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party back in its day. And I guess you could say BLM is the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party today. (Yet Republicans always seem to get blamed for this stuff.) At any rate, racial tensions are worse now than at any time I can remember in my lifetime. It was never like this during any GOP administration that I can recall. Only as we end the second term of our first black president has racial tension soared. Remember, Obama was going to unite us and heal our souls. Yet the Divider-in-Chief has presided over a rapid deterioration in Americanism, complete with rampant violence, unemployment, and terrorism. Obama could end the violence of BLM with a single speech. They would listen to him. But all he can offer are platitudes which inspire no one. Maybe civil unrest is what the Agitator-in-Chief has been secretly aiming for all this time.


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